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December 3, 2019

Posted by VinceGarcia547 - 3 days ago

Right now, this is my first time in a long time I didn't mess up. You're welcome.

So, today started with the annoying beeping of the alarm clock again. That meant, my test

is today. Well, it can't be that bad right? Messed up schedule, I am very smart at math, what

could possibly go wrong? Well, very wrong. I was late for my flag duty (No bathrooms) and

yeah. I just went inside the classroom and just brought mini cinnamon toast for breakfast

because all I had at home was lightly salted boiled eggs. Then, we started the test. There

was 22 questions and all of them were easy, simple as cake! When finished, I turned it in.

"3 hours left!" Wait, what? It has been an hour? It felt like 2 hours! Whatevs. I still opened

my book and read. When I finished, it was still 3 hours left. "What can I do to fasten up the time?"

I asked myself. Well, I got another book. When I reached page 100, it was still 3 hours left.

Is it just feeling It has been a long time, or is that just reality? I stopped reading and one word came to

mind. Drawing. I got out a piece of notebook paper and started drawing. What felt like 10 minutes later

was snoring. It was pretty loud, but I tried my best to ignore it, but I couldn't. There were other classmates

giggling and pointing at someone who is resting their head on his desk and sleeping. I tried my best to

focus. When I finished, there was no more '3 hours left' on the board, the white board was blank.

Also, the snoring was EVEN WORSE. After 1 more hour of pure suffering, we went to our next period,

Science. All we did was Science Review Stations. Next we went to lunch. Instead of a cheese sandwich

like yesterday, I got a sandwich that is much better. A Grilled Cheese Sandwich. They are WAAY better

than just a normal cheese sandwich. After that was reading, then art class, then at home. which is where

I am now, at 5:02 PM, writing this whole news post from start to finish.

Teh End of 12-3-2019