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December 1-2, 2019

Posted by VinceGarcia547 - 4 days ago

I am pretty upset about going back to school after Thanksgiving.

It felt like only 3 days for some reason and my Benchmark Test is right in front of me!

And yeah, missing out for the third time, sorry.

-----December 1, 2019-----

Hello, December! Hello, coldness! Hello, torture.

It is almost the end of my break! Gotta make the most of it.

So, today we went to church for praise and worship weekly. (Today was Sunday btw)

It was a fun lesson, actually. After church we went to eat at a restaurant then went

home. The rest of the day was pretty boring. So, I am keeping it to myself.

-----December 2, 2019-----

That's right. SCHOOL. The alarm clock quickly reminded me. I was very upset at that

time, I wish there was no school for another week. So, it was like a normal routine.

Eating, brushing, washing, dressing, getting ready, yeah all of that. I felt darkness

inside while we were driving to school. LITERAL DARKNESS. When I went to school

I did my duty to do the flag. No bathroom requirements okay??! Then, I went to my first

period which was Math. I sat on my chair very nervously like I was a sloth and unpacked

everything, even my binder. I told my friend beside me this joke. "I was working in a bank

and an old lady came up to me and asked me to check her balance. So, I pushed her over."

My friend just stayed in silent for countless seconds, acting like he didn't get the joke and saying

I am a trash comedian. I enjoyed Math, AND WE GOT HOMEWORK. yay. Next period was science

class. That ONE REMINDER, "Science fair projects are due this Friday!" exploded my cerebellum.

Oh no, benchmarks, homework, science fair, music program, OMG I GOT A LOT OF WORK TO

DO!! Next period was specials. (Music, Art, Physc Ed.) And all of the classes went to Physc Ed, just

for one big thing. We just sat through 50 minutes of torture of someone talking about the music

program and singing. I hated the singing part. I didn't like anything to do with singing, unless if I

play an instrument with it. Off-topic note: I play piano. Next period was my least favorite subject,

reading. We had about an hour until lunch. When Lunch came on we went to the cafeteria and sat

down on our non-assigned seats and waited, and waited, and waited, and waited, and waited, and waited,

and waited, and waited, and waited, "Ok, kids! Go to your lines to get your lunch!" That made almost

every one in the that one single room push through people, bump into someone, slide on the floor,

almost everyone was rushing to the lines! At least I still got lunch and I only got a cheese sandwich.

Next was recess, let's move on all I just did was watch my friend play a sport called 'Soccerwall' and

I did not like those 30 minutes one bit. Next was reading again blah blah blah, until 45 minutes later

We went into a Spirit Club Rally. It lasted for 30 minutes and it was fun actually. There was a video

song about rocking the benchmark test to boost up our confidence, (CLICK THESE BLUE WORDS TO SEE IT)

a performance from the Spirit Club, a little short contest to see who could spin a ball on their finger the

longest, and yeah! All of that lasted for exactly 30 minutes! Next I did my flag duty again (No bathroom

requirements) and went home for dismissal and yeah. Now it is right now, me sitting in this chair,

writing this new post from start to finish. I know, I have a lot of things to do, but I thought I had enough

time to write this.

Again, sorry for missing out again. I won't do that again.

Thank you all! I got user of the day today! (12-2-2019)